“I believe that road hell is paved with good inventions"

FRI 4 NOV 2016 to WED 9 NOV 2016 - Voila! @ the Cockpit Theatre

99°= water. 100°= steam. 1° makes all the difference

A quixotic tale of money and politics, energy and technology, love and invention. Resources of Quinola is fueled by a mad desire to move the world into a new epoch. Balzac’s witty, piquant plot is cutting, prescient, and irate: a potent draught that goes down smooth but sharp. A fast-paced, anarchic adaptation of a lost comedy by the “French Dickens,” Honore de Balzac.

With only six actors, a musician, and some outlandish getup, Les Foules tell the epic farcical fable of Quinola, the quick-witted servant with a “heart of gold,” who serves the love-struck genius inventor Fontanares.

Our version bends the “persecuted man of genius” tale into a woman’s form and retells the story of a character who refuses to be told who to love, how to succeed, or on whose terms she will alter history. The stage is set in Barcelona in the aftermath of the sinking of the Spanish Armada: our heroine Alfonsa Fontanares approaches the king of Spain with a new technology that will revolutionise energy, transport, and warfare: the steam engine. But as everyone moves in to claim their piece of the action, Fontanares will have to avoid the snares and traps of wily capitalists, envious technocrats, jealous lovers, and the shrewd presence of a woman who pulls all of the strings. A fable that explores how the biggest obstacle to human progress is humanity itself, inspired by the characters of commedia dell'arte and told with rough-and-tumble panache at the dawn of another era awaiting an energy revolution.

Directed and adapted by Peter Wiedmann

Movement Direction by Vini Carvhalo 

Music by Lydia Benecke

Costume and Design Nathalie and Nadège Adlam