"Over here the day doesn't start over every day"

@ Vault Festival, London - February 2016

LES FOULES drill to the bottom of our outlandish orders of exploration and laws of extraction in a kicked-up Western gone North.

Alaska, 66° north, or just shy of it. Childhood buddies Brett and Kathy confront a fissured friendship at the fossil-fuel frontier of the Arctic. From crass commie yarns to company spin, god-giving missions to perished prospectors, whale oil to petroleum, Brett heads northwards, where myths, money, and politics crackle and spit in a fuel doused arctic dream. An intimate portrayal of friendship and camaraderie opens out onto a narrative expanse of arctically proportioned disorientation and division. 

Performed by Nadège Adlam, Norma Butikofer, Lennard Sillevis  and Bryan Tynan

Design and projections by Betsy Dadd

Sound Design by Tom Maclean

Written by Peter Wiedmann

Directed by Nathalie Adlam

Production and Stage Manager: Cass Fumi

PHOTOS: Massimo Batista